Infinite Visions of the Cosmos, and a Dying world Reborn

Am I dreaming?

I close my eyes and open my soul. In pours a flutter of winged images, and I am wonderfully overwhelmed by the brilliance of what comes. Words are incapable of describing the magnitude of what these visions hold, for what is seen is as liquid gold, slipping through the grasp of open fingers, imparting their radiance as they pass from form. A dance of celestial winds offers crystalline clarity, illumination, ascension into more subtle dimensions, higher frequencies, and the shimmer of the Peacocks tale from the ether beyond. I can do nothing but let go, and I dissolve through my body and drift into the light. In a moment I realize that my feet are the only thing on the ground, and my torso has exploded into millions of particles, revealing the solar system, the universe, universes of universes, and then a momentous look at the infinite. Here I rest in refuge, aligning microcosm with Macrocosm, finding sanctuary in vast brilliant white. As this process unfolds, I transfigure into a conduit of universal consciousness, and through me is channeled something so vast, so spacious, and so beyond what I have ever understood myself to be, that the notions, conceptions, and world views that I have held in my story crumble before my eyes. In clear sight, I see layers and layers of illusions in this mind, in this culture, and in the world that we inhabit. I see clearly see the societal machine that strives to govern this planet, and I see that it seeps, heavy laden in seductive illusion, and its intention is to control the inhabitants of this planet to serve its purpose of perpetual greed. A machine exists on this planet, and it’s only intentions are to serve itself. It appears to be born from man’s mind, and has grown into something so rigid, structural, and completely dead to what life really is. Here I understand how this has come into play, as it has time and time again throughout history. It is shown to me how imprintable and controlable human beings are, and how we become so easily seduced through culture, education, religion, media, and just about the great majority of what our society tells us. I see this crumble, for where I reside and who I am has no place for this. I exhale, and I watch this wave of illusion pass, just as all things do. I too see the notion of “me” dissolve. In this place I understand that my story, my identity, and this person who I call me does not even exist at all. I expand more deeply, clearly, and expansive into this, and as I breathe out the vision folds greater into itself. Through the layers of mysterious and foggy haze of illusion, Presence shows itself. Like a sword, it cuts through the clouds of perception, popping each bubble of false impression, each layer of misconception, dissolving great and alluding mirages, and continues onward until nothing left remains. Nothing at all. In this space, I exist as Presence, all inclusive, all encompassing, infinite, everything and nothing; Source. In a tangible, experiential way, I embody the infinite cosmos, extending so far that all dissolves back into source, and my presence returns back into my body. I am awakened within the dream that we call life. I remember who I am, I remember where I came from, and where I am going. In a language so profound and so complete, I am told that I am not alive for the first time, nor the last. I understand that we are all reflections of each other, that we are all different parts of the same whole. We are the universe made manifest, we are the eyes with which it wishes to see. All of us; humans, birds, bees, plants, butterflies, and everything in between. Let us remember. Let us see clearly. Let us understand our potential, see through attempts to hinder or limit our unrealized dormancy to anything other than what That is. Let us Live in Love, reside in light, and learn to embody Natural Great Peace. In this moment I awaken

“After all, what is a butterfly, if not the flowering of a caterpillar beyond its wildest dreams.”


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